About Letting Go of Mie

Who is Mie?
What a big question! At the very basic level I'm a Christian woman in my early 30s happily living in Texas after being raised in California. My husband and I have been married about a decade. We entered into parenthood with a biological child in 2006 and then became foster parents in 2010 after learning of our infertility (sterility).

My given name is Marie, but I often go by Mie, especially online. That's Mie, said like Me, as in Auntie Mie - when my nephews and nieces were born years ago early on they had trouble saying Marie. Instead of Auntie Marie it was Auntie Mie. It was cute and it stuck - when they were old enough to say my name properly we corrected them and Auntie Mie is now "my name" - even though some are in the middle of their high school years I'm still Auntie Mie. Their mom is Auntie K to my kids - it works out.

Aside from being a wife a mom, I work in corporate America primarily in adult learning & strategic planning roles (I know they don't seem to go together, but they do I assure you!) and I have spent a good amount of time in Academia over the past several years working toward a Ph.D, which I earned on 10/18/12.

Why Letting go of Mie

As I became an adult I had my perfect life all laid out.  I wasn't obsessed about it but I felt if I worked hard enough and made good choices I'd have no problems working things out.  They were the typical goals, get educated...establish a successful career...get married...raise a family...do good, and it seemed to work for many years.  I earned my B.A. at 20 after 3 years while working full-time.  I started my career 2 weeks later, still not yet able to drive my company car without additional waivers.  I bought my first house and got married a few months later.  I had the opportunity to move away from family and build a life in Dallas, TX in 2004.  

Life was an adventure that was relatively on the track I'd planned for myself.  Up until that point it hadn't gone perfectly, but generally things were going as planned and I was able to roll with the minor punches that came my way.  until year after year I started facing unexpected challenges, things I couldn't have predicted if I tried.  Then came 2009, shortly followed by 2010 to show mie how much of an obsessive planner I was.  By grace we were brought through severe infertility, job changes and stress, several deaths of family and friends, foster parenting and associated loss, and many other things that rocked our world, one after the other.  In less than a year my life only slightly resembled what I thought it was supposed to be.  


I finally realized I needed to let go of myself, my dreams, my plans, the things I'd designed for myself and stop relying on mie all the time. Letting Go of Mie was born in January 2011 as a way for mie to chronicle our journey through this life I'm still trying not to overplan.

Being a foster parent really helps that endeavor. You really can't plan anything. You're literaly up for a change any minute. One minute we can have 2 kids (our permanent ones) and the next we can have 5 and the next 3 and the next 4 then back to 2 again and we have almost no control over it all.

I'm learning how Letting Go of Mie can help me embrace what God has called Mie to be instead. And it's a wild ride.


Letting go of Mie began as a simple mom-blog after the birth of our first son.  It was a great way to journal about the things going on in our lives, things we were struggling with, and things I was passionate about as we tried to keep up with family and friends we no longer saw on a regular basis. 


Our Infertility Story

If you haven't read my (In)Fertility series...here are the links to each part. They are long and drawn out and unorganized and weird, but that's pretty typical of life...at least ours right now!

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We're Officially Foster Parents

Are you interested in expanding your blog into other opportunities?
Absolutely. Though I use my blog as a semi-unfiltered (and therefore unedited) expression of thought, I'm a public speaker and teacher by trade and a skilled writer for publication. I am interested in partnering with others to write and speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to:
Foster Parenting
Infertility Support
Working Moms
Christian Living/Christian Parenting
Work/Life Balance
Professional Topics (Training & Development, Adult Learning, Gifted/Talented Education, etc.)
I do have a couple books outlined at a high-level and plan to pursue those and other opportunities in the near future. If you would like to partner with Mie, visit my contact page for more information.

My Story

What if we want to know more about your story?
I'm always open to talk with people who read my blog. Visit my contact page for additional ways to connect with mie. Until then - here are a series of blog posts that can catch you up:

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About Letting Go of Mie